Me And Depeche Code

Hello. I’m Donovan and I’m the CEO/Owner of Depeche Code. Depeche Code is a privately owned Web Development company that keeps it’s offices small to help make our web design service more affordable then the “other” bigger companies. Don’t let our multiple locations fool you. We may seem like a big company and that just solidifies our knowledge in knowing how to design/develop websites as well as giving expert advice on how to get more eyes on your business.

I personally am from the Seattle area but have  spent half of my life in Orlando, FL as well. Thus, wanting to create a business with locations in both areas so I’m able to split time between the two regions. When dealing with these two specific locations, you deal with me personally.

When it comes to the development of mine or my client’s websites. I’m very adamant on not have any loose ends when the project is finished. I also hold our development to a very high standard. I and WE are perfectionists. Our goal is not only to make you extremely happy with your finished product, but we know many people will be viewing your website. We want those people to see how cool, modern and awesome your website is. Thus helping us generate more business through personal and customer referrals. It’s a win win for everybody.

Do you need a website developed? Then contact us today so we can give you an easy quote and an easy way to get started.

My skills

% Problem Solving % Project Management % Design & Development % Research