Depeche Code is a privately owned web development company that keeps its offices small to help make our web design service more affordable. To many, we may seem like a big company and we could be if we chose to. Although, we prefer to keep a small imprint to give our clients the most personable service as possible.

We have reach all the way from Seattle, WA to Orlando, FL and across the world. Our Founder/CEO, Donovan Wells, always has a hand in our projects so that they are of the best quality.

When it comes to development, we are very adamant about not having any loose ends when the project is finished. We are perfectionists and we hold our development to a very high standard. Our goal is to not only to make you happy with the finished product, but we want your website and business to succeed as well.

Do you need a website developed or any other service? Then contact us today so we can give you an easy quote and an easy way to get started.

Meet The Founder/CEO

Donovan Wells

Donovan has been a self made entrepreneur since 2009. He has owned and operated multiple SEO Firms and networks before started Depeche Code in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. He prides his company on not only being affordable, but easy going and transparent towards all his clients.

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