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If you are not a Referral Partner, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you can Register Here.

The BEST way for you to promote would be to send your potential businesses to our offer page. That way they can get any and all additional information they need regarding this offer. You can even be there with them while showing them this page if you are doing an in person pitch. We call it our Full On Website Provider Package. Some key things you will want to tell them when promoting this offer is that:

  • They can get a modern and updated website for free
  • All they need to do is host it and maintain it with Depeche Code who is building the website for them. With that dedicated server hosting they will also receive:
    • SSL Certificate Integration
    • Security Monitoring
    • Weekly Website Backups
    • Weekly Software Updates
    • Monthly Content Updates As Requested
    • Uptime Monitoring And Reporting
    • Comprehensive Weekly Reporting
  • Their website will also have features such as:
    • Up to 25 Pages of Content (more can be added but we will quote them for it)
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Contact Forms
    • Photo Galleries if needed
    • Google Maps if needed
    • Parallax Scrolling
    • Click To Call
    • Pages SEOed
    • Fancy HTML5 Slider Integration
    • Social Sharing
    • Calls To Actions
    • More features CAN be requested as we are flexible and will work with our clients.
  • Depeche Code is a very highly rated company and you can even show them our Google Reviews if need be.

Note: All sign-ups will have to agree to a two year agreement.

This is VERY important. To get credit for your commission, when referring your contact, you want to let them know that you can get them a better deal. Which is 25% off of our Full On Website Provider Package.

How do you do that?

You will give them your coupon code which will be your first initial and last name. For example, for George Washington, your coupon code would be:


Upon ordering. Once they input their coupon code and order, not only will they get their 25% discount, but you will also be credited your commission because your Coupon Code will be attached to your account. Our All-In-One Website Provider Package is $199/mo and you are basically saving them $50/mo with your discount. You will then get a residual commission on the 30% after that discount, which is about $45/mo.

Additionally, if you promote on the web, your Referral Dashboard will have a Referral link that you can post as well in the Creatives section. You CAN give this link if you choose to, but for something like this, we believe it’s better to send users to our offer page with your Coupon Code instead.

Yes. We do have somewhat of an approval process. This promotion is geared toward the following businesses:

  • If a new business and/or doesn’t currently have a website
    • Lawyers/Attorneys
    • Dentists
    • Doctors
    • Professional Services
    • Healthcare Services
    • Insurance
    • Any existing brick and mortar business that’s never had a website
  • If a business ALREADY has a website and needs a redesign
    • eCommerce based websites
    • Just about any business that already has a website

Note: You can market to just about any business, and we will personally let them know if they are approved. So approval is generally a case by case basis.